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Ghost Husband [two]

Ghost Husband 3 Xuan then do ,is in your own home casts a BoB !!!,his brother from cloud first exploding apart :&quot ;what ?You parents for you to the Han .?and you have seen Yuan Lemei ?&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;it is !On Xuan calm and positive.
&quot ;since the jump dance mask saw her, I will never forget her ,so I made up my mind ,she did not marry !Dad ,mom ,you must come to me ,she is my wife you selected ,not ?&quot ;a the family being at a loss what to do ,all amazed beyond words .
For a long time ,Yan Fang looked at his son, break the silence :&quot ;however, how did you recognize her ?You talk to each other over ?&quot ;up Xuan hesitated for a moment ,decided to be retained.
Everyone in the room older than him, than he was conservative ,especially their grandmother ,her family was still living in the Qing Dynasty era ,if he told the truth ,but Grandma first cannot accept .
&quot ;no ,we have not talked. &quot ;he angry .&quot ;of course ,she is not a person to accompany beside ,and family ,and I to overhear their conversation ,only to find she is Yuan Lemei .
&quot ;&quot ;she grew into what she looked like ?&quot ;Yan Fang &quot ;unable to hold oneself back questions: I remember the last time I saw her ,she was five years old ,was exquisitely carved ,very cute .
She now has seventeen ,eight years old ,is a beautiful girl ,is ?&quot ;&quot ;why not ?When have you describe it well ,grow up certainly stand gracefully erect .She solid natural beauty ,but not beautiful ,but kind of refined ethereal beauty ,like a plum blossom !Oh ,should say that is a white ,she is like a cloud plum so pure and fresh! &quot ;this spirited described to let everyone look foolish .
Shi Peng a nod as if thinking of sth. ,pale file note :&quot ;and this red plum have in your heart the !&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;Xuan is !Up eyes shining the father looked .&quot ;she will not only let me love at first sight ,more let me believe that the so-called destined ,otherwise why in Korea home closed the door, and you are to give up so many years, I will have this music may encounter ?This is not heaven is what? &quot ;Shi Peng and Yan Fang look one eye from each other ,each other to fundus read A tacit understanding .
When the accident is always the couple keep mind secret anguish ,if really afford Xuan said, he and Le Mei was destined it, then the sin will have chance to remedy .But Ke old lady about mind is Shi Peng these years of misery ,she is not have experience before the accident ,but not once seen the son and daughter-in-law of Han from the four receive serious rebuff back ,then the inverse of a complex drag years ,Han is not willing to dissolve ,they ke it became a gathering clouds and rolling mists .
Later ,her son and daughter-in-law to also have to order no Han also commands ,one family is allowed to bring that pile of sad events of the past, but now ,her favorite grandchild was the old record check out !&quot ;humph! I see it with God never mind ,is your mind !&quot ;she angrily pointing up .
Xuan .&quot ;now you listen to me ,no matter what Yuan Lemei looks like plum or peach blossom ,you are taking advantage from being early idea! Want in those days ,your dad and do many nice people ,pay as much not ,they gave him much less embarrassed ,let him by the number of sin ?,then you Was a child, where to know these ?&quot ;here ,the old lady in a soft tone Ke ,temper justice with mercy to :&quot ;said of a woman or maiden.
Anyway this world girl and her only one ,you like floating bright grandma ,responsible for you for more than she is ,surely !&quot ;&quot ;but I just want her to play hard !&quot ;Xuan said :&quot ;appearance is not the main reason for my grandma ,even for a gorgeous ,I have one !&quot ;an old lady have turned aside to her back ,the Sunxi Fuer Jiahui quickly soothe :&quot ;grandma no gas is not gas ,me he two.
&quot ;an old lady went away to play in face ,smile and said :&quot ;good ,appearance is not a factor, in addition to father a loss to appreciate heart in it ,right ?But ,do say something unpleasant, don mind :after so many years ,to have parents struggle to see people face ,you do me wrong ?&quot ;she said surface very polite ,but not without irony words .
On Xuan could refute ,clouds have loud interface :&quot ;and have the right of saying, you don my parents went wrong !What marriage day ,what It is love at first sight ,you a son wishful thinking .
If people know who you are ,I think Bai Meihua is going to the red hot chili peppers,Jeremy Scott Adidas To prevent doubleVoting netize! So I advise you not to be silly ,Tianya where no grass ?Climb the door close, but get into !&quot ;exposure to be besieged on all sides ,up Xuan potential single force thin ,only to blow :&quot ;get into get into it !I be most willing to !&quot ;&quot ;okay ,stop arguing !&quot ;Shi Peng waved his hand ,will be looking at the small son .
&quot ;we will walk the four Korean home. &quot ;but also did not expect so the path winds along mountain ridges. Since the Xuan ,gasped ,was thanks to his father ,the old lady was stunned Ke speech: &quot ;do you really want to go to your father and son ?Is it right? All dizzy ?&quot ;&quot ;mother ,you know ,&quot ;Shi Peng sincerely say: &quot ;this resentment ,puzzled ,I heart also ,not peace .
Today that has Xuan and Le Mei this chance encounter ,frankly ,I can ,is this it is really a wonderful day to arrange everything ?&quot ;his eyes swept the crowd ,the final stop in Xuan ,voice full of hope :&quot ;whether this arrangement is it right? A turnaround time ,on the order of Since this time ,Xuan feeling ,also be imperative !&quot ;if permission for a Ke is a BoB !!!,the Han ,is a disaster .
Hall ,super ,Shwu-pyn and Yingxue standing on the head ,Shi Peng ,Yan Fang and Hin station there, here there be prepared to meet the challenge ,with a smiling face ,but how to say is a clear-cut situation.
For a long time ,Xue finally cold out saying: &quot ;you have to do what? &quot ;&quot ;&quot ;Shi Peng !But with a sigh .&quot ;not seen for many years ,you old look .&quot Yingxue ;a Teether .
&quot ;time can change, only my appearance ,the other nothing has changed ,also won &quot ;&quot ;&quot ;don !Yan Fang prayer :&quot ;we are nearly 50 people, does it cannot be in a calm mood to say a few words ?&quot ;&quot ;sorry ,long eighteen years ,you or in the form of self-cultivation, but for a lost her husband ,with orphan sent people under the fence widow ,how be like you so ?If I pass the years in vain ,eccentric and the nature ?Also not worship you give up !&quot ;Xuan was convinced ,could not help but want to forward Debate ,Yan Fang secretly took hold of him ,euphemism for Yingxue explanation: &quot ;you got me wrong ,I really do not want to stimulate you mean h &quot ;&quot ;&quot ;you know ,with &quot ;as long as the super interrupted :stepped into the door ,no matter what you say ,do you ,are be blamed for whatever one does ,why bring contempt upon oneself ?&quot ;&quot ;we did not ask you what ,&quot ;Shwu-pyn low-spirited interface: &quot ;only one thing ,never in contact with each other ,it is also very difficult ?Bereavement, we but with great difficulty ,just put it on the bottom of my heart, why do you come to provoke it ?&quot Xuan ;up a step ,can not stand the unthinkingly :&quot ;this trauma is not your only, we also have! My father has been trying to do ,and not pick the old record ,let it bleed ,but want to cure it ,but always not the door ,Adidas Porsche Design!&quot ; ,super ,Shwu-pyn and Xue are relatively I ran ,Shi Peng was introduced: &quot ;Oh ,this is minor ,from Xuan .
&quot ;up Xuan that alert to their own attitudes have lost sense of propriety ,but efforts to stabilize the mood ,the salute as for &quot .;little nephew from South Korean and Han Xuan to see uncle ,aunt ,aunt &q and yuan .
Uot ;at this time, HTC is free from restraint from the hall passed, &quot ;Ke Qixuan &quot ;three words made him stop ,curious to look at within the window opening ,and immediately taken aback .
Gosh !This guy day that the wizard ?He was just about to shout ,and urgently his mouth cover .Don ,let Le Mei go ! he three step and two step run .This head ,Yingxue did not speak, just silently looking at tall ,handsome young man ,her face and resist the sharp look gradually disappear ,replace sb.
is washed by years feeling and sorrow .It is a woman that woman ,mother mother ,Yan Fang ,softly say the words in my heart :&quot Yingxue ;a son, kids are so big ,is it right? ?want at the outset ,you see the Xuan ,a two-year-old boy .
&quot ;Shi Peng can not help but slowly interface :&quot ;remember we are in on the way rush to neonatal name thing? The name Le Mei ,I want out of the gel .&quot ;remember? Yingxue heart burst of needle stab like the pain ,he asked her to remember !If something really make she could hate life , that is the dead alien Huaiyu !You can destroy destroy ,she never forget ,but can not forgive !&quot ;you took his son to talk ?&quot ;she couldn trembling ,eye almost sparked.
&quot ;I can phase letter ,your tone of voice, as we it is like the old friend ,is simply ridiculous !This be prompted by a sudden impulse on-site Waichan behavior is so disgusting hate ,you don even know this a little bright nor ?&quot Yingxue ;the overbearing raw in Xuan expected, but he never never retreat .
&quot ;Yuan auntie, &quot ;he soon said :&quot ;my father my mother today visit ,not be prompted by a sudden impulse ,but when I asked them for me to appear ,to give .I extremely sincerity ,kindly aunt answer should ,will make her betrothed to me !&quot ;Peter and Shwu-pyn have stayed ,Xue is staring eyes .
Such reaction in Xuan expected, but he did not retreat truth. &quot ;this marriage is actually go over the matter of discussion before ,and the previous difference is ,today by myself before .
My face ,you have seen ,as to my character ,I am willing to accept the aunt of Any of the tests. In short ,I want to fight for every opportunity ,you know me, then accept me! &quot ;Shi Peng praised looked at his son, for he is calm ,be neither humble nor pushy performance surprised and proud ,but listen to sound like cut Yingxue sharp ears :&quot ;good ,then I tell you ,you have no chance !The problem is not your face ,or your character ,but your name Ko !Because you are the sons of Ke Shipeng ,so you will never have the chance !&quot ;then ,she turned around to turn on one ,up Xuan too to say anything, ultra has the order for guests to leave :&quot ;marriage here ,you go back !If I ask someone to drive ,it does not look good !&quot ;see Shwu-pyn has held Yingxue hurried to go up a room ,Xuan wrong-footed ,such a decision result can not in his expected! If they refused to he had the chance, so he made the chance, even walking is a dangerous step ,also total ratio stuck come !&quot ;for what you ask the opinion of Le Mei ?&quot ;he towards Yingxue back shouted: &quot ;she and I both love, you can so authoritarian decided we everything in between! &quot ;This sentence as a detonated immediately FireWire, suddenly blown to a room full of all Jing Xue .
First stay ,then rapidly turned stare at up Xuan ,his eyes burning with flames of anger .&quot ;who told you l r ?What is called l between us all r ?You dare I said such a fantastic thing! My daughter is at best only heard of your name ,and you should say what each other has feeling! This HH it insulting my daughter !&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;Yan Fang not buck buck !Huangji attempts to explain :&quot ;up Xuan mean ,he met Le Mei ,but she fall in love at first sight ,it occurred in our village inside with dance celebration hh&quot ;&quot ;it was the first !I le Mei also met two times ,once you four village market day ,another is the Yuan Xiao Festival !&quot ;the game since has come this far ,up Xuan would put two is the interaction between people, after come clean .
Yingxue listen look more white, finally can .&quot ;you! I a word will not believe you !&quot ;she veered Shi Peng and Yan Fang gnash the teeth in anger ,shouted: &quot ;Ke Shi Peng !Xu Yanfang !You have permission was refused ,and that is your self Take the shame !If you thus become shame ,despite coming at me ,not to your son to talk wildly !Like this .
I Le Mei ,your conscience? &quot ;it does not avoid wounding ,Yan Fang face became pale :&quot ;you say this is wrong about the play !Xuan and Le Mei between them ,we like you, all is the first heard at first ,surprised not beneath you .
However ,I believe ,will not create out of nothing ,he met Le Mei has her heart ,so he tried repeatedly to meet each other. Although it has not ,but today we come here, it is required a be right and proper !&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;good.
Though I is also a state of shock, Shi Peng still struggled to maintain calm .&quot ;since this pair of small children are a good ,why don put aside prejudice ,face up Xuan heart and our sincerity ,even ,you might as well listen Le Mei idea .
&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;it is !Up Xuan eager request: &quot ;Yuan aunt ,please !&quot ;Xue turns to stare ,Peng and Xuan ,whole person was almost fury tear. Ke is really her feel irreconcilable hatred for sb.
for eighteen years !Before ,I ruined her life ,eighteen years later ,the son also to destroy her daughter name !Now ,she hates not to them to throw ten thousand virulent curse ,but at the moment but no words export ,for a long time before the dumb spurt out loud :sister ,brother-in-law ,&quot ;you don say a word ?People have to confront Le Mei out !What is this ?Is simply do too much, that H &quot ;see the situation tends to get out of hand the situation ,play Xuan began to feel a strong disturbed ,he did not regret a risky move ,only to regret this move down too soon ,speak too fast.
&quot ;Yuan aunt ,please keep calm and listen to me explain h &quot ;&quot ;nice ,don !&quot ;Peter ultra wave interrupted him ,and frowned and looked Shi Peng .&quot ;since you have not fully know ,you should put your son go back ,just ask.
As for Le Mei ,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000,it is our home Han thing h &quot ;discourse does not fall outside ,has heard a hurried footsteps ,mixed with HTC shouting: &quot ;how are you ?Not to go! You repeat it ?Hey ,Le Mei !Le Mei !H &quot ;hall and simultaneously turned his head Outside ,we see Le Meihua holding the messy in there, a pant ,side with anxious eyes to the hall from the search.
Be overcome by one coming :&quot ;&quot ;Le Mei !She came with his look ,turning pale like snow ,because she proved a terrible things real .&quot ;it is you! &quot ;she was breathing heavily ,anxiety ,panic ,not just the letter and angry ,disappointed ,sad now suddenly Qi Yong my heart ,tears rolling down her cheek wronged .
&quot ;how can h &quot ;she was so excited cries out to :&quot ;how could you deceive me ?&quot ;then ,she hastily turned ,tears ran back .On Xuan hiss shouted: &quot ;Le Mei !Le Mei, you listen to me to explain h &quot ;he ran to the door to catch ,but then came the HTC grabbed .
&quot ;Hello !You give me wait! Le Mei is you call it &quot ;you give me explain, what is it? &quot ;&quot ;also explain what? &quot ;hall, the shout super get desperation :&quot ;you quickly give me go! Or I really want to call someone to drive you !&quot ;wipe the unsolved ,adds new hate .
Shi Peng and his helpless sigh A sound ,view the atonement Road ,this is more difficult and heavy weight .&quot ;you don call someone ,we take is to .&quot ;he came to hold the arm put up Xuan Xuan ,mouth to say blocking back to :&quot ;do you think your explanation ,now who can hear go ?Go !&quot ;Xue doesn Ke Jiasan ,she just eyes of straight hair stood there, but was completely defeated Le Mei just response .
The original ,Ke Shipeng says that meet and private will ,are real,! Original, with all her life and work treasure the love daughter ,even telling her to make the fault all duties to each other ,but ,the Father also killed her father Pro h that day at noon ,Xue not eat lunch ,also ignore people comfort ,just took her daughter off into his bedroom ,who could not afford to kneel tablets .
She utter not a single word ,not a development called ,did not even cry ,the portrait of Leng Song as a thousand years ,double knee have been rooted to the ground .Behind him, Le Mei lower his head on his knees, shame ,remorse and fear tears confused old one face .
&quot ;mother ,you don I would you hit me and scold me ,or have you ignored me. Mom ,please tell me H &quot Yingxue ;looked at her husband tablets ,numb and cold cut daughter :&quot ;you call what I say ?What can I say ?The evidence before us! You this be completely informal ,shameless conduct ,that I eighteen years try hard to already be destroyed on one day !I am so sorry you dad !You don ,let me a person quietly to your father confessor !&quot ;words heard Le Mei down, couldn mother tightly hug ,pain cry :&quot ;don !I beg you to listen to me ,I really don Ke family people .
The time to watch the mask dance he met, is purely a coincidence ,the next two times ,also be he suddenly appeared, I was in a passive .I h I know I can handle it badly ,,from a to Z ,I really didn a tiny bit of active ,this please you must believe me.
&quot ;Xue heart slightly soft ,turned to look at crying daughter ,tone blend into the lament :&quot ;good ,you do not know his identity ,you are completely passive ,but he this over and over looking for the opportunity to approach you, this deliberately plan ,has been clear if exposed .
To put it more bluntly ,he clearly Is a grave in seducing you! Good girl ,should be so easily disarmed ,such as the reckless idea ,even so easily survived ?&quot ;this was forced out of Le Mei more tears ,in addition to blame to oneself ,and the mother of regret, more of the &quot ;no resentment .
Should should not !!I had made a big mistake ,really should not go to see what mask dance h &quot ;she covered her face ,choke with sobs .&quot ;Oh ,if I never met the man is good .&quot ;Xue quietly watching her daughter ,the heart that soft like ripples ,a circle of expansion, finally cover the original tide.
&quot ;&quot ;her daughter ,Tenglian holding Le Mei ,feel distressed ,sound also has tears components: &quot ;when I lost your father ,if you ask me why alive reason ,and the reason is you !In addition to giving you a complete love, I will for your dad to pay attention to you ,protect you ,such as if ,the mood to be very careful ,you know what ?&quot ;&quot ;I know !How can I not know !&quot ;Le Mei tears nodded.
&quot ;although I no dad ,can you never make me feel any lack of it .So over the years, you save money on food and expenses ,embezzle part of myself ,and I was wearing wearing just as many .
I know you I see more than his own life is also important ,I know !&quot ;&quot ;on !Because I want you to be the most perfect ,a stand out ,let people sit up and take notice ,they said ,though Yuan Huaiyu young light died ,he left a widow for orphan girls is so disappointing, not Ceng Ru without him !I want you to be your daddy pride ,also become our pride! &quot ;here ,Yingxue tears finally fell down .
Le Mei instead of crying ,she bites his lip, fixed set of said :&quot ;I will not disappoint you and Dad !This once please forgive me ,I swear ,like that will never happen again .From now on ,if I was seeing Ke Qixuan again, or is said to him one word, I am Ghost Husband !&quot ;4 but I can see Le Mei Xuan ,and miles could not help him out.
&quot ;the patient is mostly like this, &quot ;he faced repeated walk up Xuan made a conclusion :&quot ;for the doctor left ear in one ear and out the other ,gave him a prescription ,and do not eat ,such as downtown to Can pack ,he comes to look for you .
&quot ;&quot ;I am not patient ,I is the villain !&quot has pain to oneself :Xuan ;&quot ;how to do ?Now she thinks I harsh ,dirty ,filthy ,insidious ,asshole and detestable villains !&quot ;Wan Li shrugged .
&quot ;that can help you ,if I was her ,I would think you are a bad ,dirty ,nasty HH you just say? &quot ;up Xuan finally stopped wandering footsteps get desperation ,the shout :&quot ;forget what I said, but I that kind of person, I !&quot ;but for Le Mei ,I that !He desperate thought of her going away look ,began to hastily walked around .
&quot ;no, I need to try to meet her, I have to apologize to her ,explaining to her ,and the sooner the better hh&quot ;he suddenly a hold million ,anxious to say: &quot ;help me think, what I have chance to see Le Mei ?What is the most recent festival days ?Did you? Oh ,now I am anxious mind filled with paste .
&quot ;Wan Li very much agree with the nod .&quot ;now I see your mind there was really only paste! Even if you repeat offender ,See Yuan Lemei again ,do you think she will chase you also something, or surprise too terrified ?Dude ,diorama have been debunked ,remember ?In my judgment ,she may have only two responses ,or screaming ,or give you a slap in the face .
In that case ,I think you are not what the machine will open to apologize, not to mention the explanation .&quot ;he said the truth is three points ,seven points a joke ,but I Xuan but was attentive ,finally has also been nodded.
&quot ;to shake ,so the location is very important, must find a few people tread place ,not by others interference .Party ,so that I could speak one ,but where ?Where ?&quot ;from the hovering Xuan thought appearance lets miles froze.
Look ,his old friend is really a patient with terminal ,incorrigible ,he didn beat what on the shoulder :Xuan &quot ;Hello ,I say hh&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;a !Up Xuan eyes suddenly a bright .
&quot ;I know her home near a temple in Puning ,behind a small hillside looks bleak ,there should be no go. Shake! Choose there !However, &quot ;his eyes and dark down. &quot ;but how can I get her to Where to go ?&quot ;million air hand swinging at .
&quot ;you simply ran into her home, living dead drag pull to get her to go !&quot ;up Xuan serious consideration ,shakes his head in dismay .&quot ;&quot ;nowhere ,he helpless say: &quot ;today such a noisy ,Han people saw me, will let me eat cold-shoulder treatment .
I want to ,I do not see Le Mei ,will be out !&quot ;Wan Li nearly upset .&quot ;I see you are really sick !I is also a doctor ,from ruin a breach of medical morality ,so the hh&quot ;&quot ;so you have helped me to rob ?&quot ;up Xuan eyes is full of hope.
Wan Li thought he must immediately fainted. &quot ;I am crazy I ,help you to rob !Would accompany you et al ,wait for help you grab ,and then rushed towards the hill ,let you privately ,so also the first beat her cousin hh&quot ;&quot ;reasonable! What are we waiting for? Let !&quot ;then ,from Xuan allowing no explanation ,and took the bicycle run.
Is clearly angry words ,that is love punch the first guy was seriously .Million in terrified looking up Xuan figure, low shouted &quot ;day Which &quot ;,also have to follow them.
Soon after,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo, they have come to four in front of a house near the village of Han Xuan .Play very attentively at the two door ,million in feel helpless stare at his friend ,to follow their own down into this inexplicable novel muddy amazed unceasingly.
Of course ,the raise in house of Yuan Lemei is not easily separate out ,even if they wait till sunset, even her hair will not see ,but want to play Xuan lunatic never give up !Million in clearing his throat ,but also clear mind ,calm thinking more feasible approach .
&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;in it ,he used a decisive tone with Xuan discuss: &quot ;as long as seeing someone off ,we would have to ask him to send word to Yuan Lemei !&quot ;up Xuan has so expect to see someone who never comes ,it inevitably some irritability .
&quot ;their family and I don ,come ,how can I be sure is it right? Han people ?If really ,I am not sure whether he will pass ?Even sure ,I still cannot be concluded that Le Mei will come to an appointment !&quot ;Wan Li to catch a glimpse of what, to push up Xuan A .
&quot ;now you make sure that you do not know .&quot ;up Xuan along million in gaze ,and the HTC door step, be absent-minded to head for another walk. &quot ;&quot ;&quot is Han Hong Da !;understanding, is &quot ;?Million in happy ,but she was stupefied .
&quot ;strange ,it sounds so familiar? &quot ;&quot ;you know ,he is the cousin !&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;million in great! Make a prompt decision kick loose bicycle tripod, cart and ran.
&quot ;we chase! &quot ;Xuan also followed up on his car ,his face is filled with a doubtful expression .&quot ;ask him to help I take a message ?He would not! &quot ;&quot ;&quot ;will change! Million in confidence .
&quot ;this kid is very impatient ,he is the best candidate ,you believe me !&quot ;Wang Da is impatient ,Shen Weimin is vindicated the cultural revolution cannot continue the revolution,when he looked back and saw up Xuan and miles is looking his speed and when coming, was speechless with surprise ,and heard Hin tomorrow afternoon in Puning will be the back of the temple hill to wait for Le Mei to come to the appointment, he was more gas to a fist too .
&quot ;you HH you still want to see her ?She almost give you die you Do you know ?My aunt who do not have a seizure ,seizure must make cry me a river ,the death of the family can not ah !&quot ;two &quot &quot ;death ;words make up Xuan face pale as death, he grabbed the HTC collar ,a stack of repeatedly asked :&quot ;she gave Le Mei what ?She hit her ?Scolded her hurt her ??is it right? # # # # # &quot ;HTC was le was almost out of breath, not easy to break off.
&quot ;none of your business ?&quot ;holding his neck ,a finger up Xuan ,angrily said: &quot ;I warned you oh ,you must dare to entanglement ,and Le Mei words ,I you oh !&quot has a bite ;Xuan .
&quot ;good ,you do not tell me ,I own into your home look what happened ,Short-term travel accident insurance market products!&quot ;Wan Li hurried up Xuan halves in a hold ,by machine on the HTC propaganda: &quot ;Hello ,you see ?If you will not let him see your cousin ,I can this crazy yo .
At that time, you certainly will attack your aunt ,your cousin it must be hell .&quot ;this heart and is clearly played a role ,HTC be struck dumb stare at on Xuan that struggling appearance ,can not help but Hurry up .
&quot ;surname Ke ,you don go crazy !Le Mei neither missing piece of meat ,no less a layer of skin ,as long as you don mess with her ,she is nice to end the okay !&quot ;up Xuan heart pine ,but still can not completely assured.
&quot ;unless you for me to make my eyes ,she is all right, otherwise I will kill your house !&quot ;&quot ;hooray !You come ,you give it a try !&quot ;HTC stormed out of the rolled up his sleeves.
&quot ;I waiting for you ,see you kill kill into &quot ;million !In that open up Xuan ,the HTC than a conciliatory gesture ,a serious play a mediating role .&quot ;slightly .
Don !I think you two fight is very clever ,because it will disturb your home ,and your aunt saw up Xuan ,and inevitably seizures ,when she cries a river ,the two of you shed blood like water ,not worse? &quot ;HTC was stupefied ,million saw him in the entrapped ,continued analysis: &quot ;therefore ,only let your cousin is not bad practices ,is responsible for the words to you ,and let her keep your appointment .
Up Xuan saw her, after saying sorry ,heart also has ,so quiet sort ,is not very good ? &quot ;HTC distressed and scratched his head ,totally do not know what to do ,for a long time was not willing to sorry Xuan shout :&quot ;alas ,even if I have to ,she will come to see you .
She said, if I see you again ,or to speak with you word, she !&quot ;up Xuan immediately destroyed ,one heart hurried to the sink. &quot ;her HH she really say that ?&quot ;&quot ;on !So you don her !You don know your heart idea ,what an apology ,what explain ,bluntly refused to give up !&quot ;HTC cross a hin a look, because he driven to distraction .
And some not ,but more and more is the exclusive advantage of victory and pride .&quot ;to tell you the truth ,no matter how you try all useless ,because Le Mei is me !I am twenty years old this year are not married ,do you think what am I waiting for ?&quot ;up Xuan heart straight sink to the bottom ,could not say a word ,Wan Li beside interface :&quot ;yeah ,what are you waiting for ?&quot ;&quot ;nature is such as the time is ripe ,parents nod !I just tell you ,in fact ,I Lok Mei good near, &quot ;HTC emphasizes heavy Answer :&quot ;very close !&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;million is ?A face serious thought .
&quot ;to speak a chance, the early years ,the mature mature ,why the head has not ?Hey ,I medical perspective ,there is one solution. This cousin marriages ,although it is often seen.
,but to divide two kinds of ,if distant ,is not a big problem ,if close relatives ,such as you and your cousin this ,not too well .&quot ;HTC angry stare million .&quot ;what &quot ;&quot ;more !Not I want to scare you ,it is home to five generations of practice ,see too many sad drama .
Intermarriages, the poor are the next generation, born out of the child is not an idiot ,or deformity, there is no lack of hand ,foot ,no brain ,blind .Anyway ,what horrors are! So I advise you don take the risk ,or a bad pain ,but a lifetime !&quot ;&quot ;HH you what is your doctor Mongolia ?&quot ;HTC face green .
&quot ;such evil curse !&quot ;million in serious straight hand cranking .&quot ;Oh ,this is not a curse. Yes, I have to remind you of one thing ,you have to ask the elder ,progenitor If there is a repeat occurrence of the disease ,so, it is absolutely not ,because this can genetic !&quot ;HTC has gas fast hematemesis .
&quot ;you fucking talk nonsense !My ancestors ?Your ancestors have the disease !&quot ;he only rushed to put gas miles played back ,but was held without Xuan falls away .Million in head face of Venus ,was angry with him ,but only a tight fist ,arms let up Xuan firmly hooked .
&quot ;can !&quot ;Wan Li get desperation towards the back clamping his Xuan big growl :&quot ;how do you come to this ?The last time you let me get beat enough? You hh&quot ;if not finished ,HTC has had come up ,his fists with not ,also to knees hit the million in stomach.

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