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The makeup that feeling] winter dry skin care

Winter dry skin, how to maintain? ?dry winter skin :New Year enemy skin epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous fat .The epidermis of the outermost layer of the stratum corneum, due to their absorbent stratum corneum ,barrier function ,and the stratum corneum contains natural moisturizing factor ,amino acids ,lactate and carbohydrate of probation, so horny layer keeps the inevitable moisture ,keep skin moist.
While the skin outside the indecent and the water content of the stratum corneum ,the normal skin stratum corneum usually contain 10%-30% of the water ,to keep the skin soft and elastic .But increased with age ,the skin stratum corneum moisture content will be gradually reduced, and when the skin stratum corneum moisture content below 10%, the skin will be dry ,tight ,rough and desquamation .
Then cause skin moisture away, cause the skin dry ,lose luster notice what? Generally speaking ,cause skin natural moisture distribution out of equilibrium conditions inside and outside are: increased with age ,skin aging ,the moisturizing effect and barrier function gradually weakened ,natural moisturizing factor content cut ;dry cold weather ,low humidity ,such as the autumn and winter ;some skin diseases ,such as psoriasis ,Ichthyosis ;environmental and chemical factors, such as washing powder ,soap ,detergent ,detergent and ethanol and other organic solvents ,and long time of air conditioning environment ;diet sleep habits ,such as eating ,drinking less ,insomnia ;dry skin.
Skin due to all the time and the outside environment of direct contact ,such as to be sheltered ,more or less have a shortage of water ,directly affecting the skin outside the indecent .
But this time ,in addition to ensure a normal healthy diet to ensure that the protein ,vitamin supplement ,and as far as possible to avoid the adverse external factors and active treatment of skin disorders ,also should be in accordance with the needs ,using appropriate moisturizing cosmetics.
Repel drying the seven legislation in the winter ,although people like call at a hot bath. But ,good for the skin temperature is warm water ,because hot water will be the skin oil thoroughly washed, and this kind of natural bath oil than your use of skin care products after drying to resolve effectively .
Take a shower in winter generally do not exceed 15 minutes .If must wash a hot bath ,as far as possible the use of liquor or gentle soap .After a bath should be in the skin are not completely dry environment, in the body of each part coated with moisturizing products .
It helps to be run Skin penetration into the skin of the upper component . In those prone to dry parts of the body, preferably utilizing pneumatic strong skin care products ,such as Vaseline and general skin care products are not the same, where can &quot &quot scholasticism ;seal ;skin ,reduce moisture skin hair ,to protect dry skin is very effective .
Wash a thing or wash their hands after using some can keep moisture hand cream. At home, the skin is disclosed to place more outdoor to use humidifier ,solve good for dry skin .Winter skin trouble prone skin itch ,scratch brothers chap frostbite ,looking northwest wind blowing ,the person also because the temperature drop ,no matter is sweating or recessive perspiration ,all new year to cut human skin lubricant ,sebaceous gland secretion is new year New Year cut ,in addition to beyond infancy ,large sections of human skin relatively dry winter city .
At this time some common skin disease began in a part of the crowd crack up . A lot of people ,especially older people have private prosecution systemic or calf skin itching, dry ,scaly shedding ,becomes dry ,itching Nanren .
To the Department of Dermatology of hospital treatment ,often diagnosis As the winter pruritus or sebum poor eczema .So ,why do some people skin a winter special drying ?Dry skin and skin off water ,skin moisture and the skin lack of sebum on skin profiles ,lipid as a coat ,banned the skin moisture skin hair ,maintaining skin moisture ,the elderly skin thinning ,profiles of lipid reduction ,natural skin becomes dry ,winter cold wind and can increase the moisture loss ,further infestation of epidermal lipid equilibrium ,Nike Air Force 1 High,this dry cannot avoid.
Pruritus :dry skin is the culprit of primary cutaneous pruritus undoubtedly is the most common winter skin disease ,this disorder in people of all ages and both sexes can attack ,but older adults more common ,especially in the elderly .
Patients can be generalized is itching ,day due to external interference ,can be distracting to mind ,one in the evening ,the severe itching ,body seems to have ants crawling ,not endure .
If have some &quot &quot ;volatiles ;,or drinking ,drinking coffee ,is more difficult. But check the itching skin ,without any primary skin rash ,is only visible from scratch caused the skin scratches, scab or pigmentation and other secondary Violation, such as extended time long ,can be secondary to multiple ringworm lesions .
The disease mainly caused due to dry skin .In winter we take off cotton sweater and trousers ,often can be seen in many minor dander from body shells ,and winter clothes and dressed more tight ,so foreign body stimulation on sensitive skin pruritus ,also unavoidably .
There is some people do not properly handle will increase the itching ,such as hot water flushing can solve the temporary itch I itch more .As the hot water on the skin itself is a kind of stimulation ,plus the sebum in addition to more ,cause the skin dry with times .
Winter pruritus resulting juncture is the skin dry and cold, so within the housing to maintain certain humidity ,can put some green plants ,or put a basin of water in order to increase air humidity.
Take a shower when the water temperature in winter is 32.Cleft glaze rubbing ,Xi make-up school should not be excessive use of nasal spray soap ,avoid scratching ,the body after bath application of lotion, to maintain skin moisture ,recommended daily smear moisturizing cream or lotion .
When necessary, can be oral first-generation anti-allergic tablets for relieving itching calm effect diet as much as possible intake of some foods rich in vitamin A ,such as Hu Radish ,cabbage ,less consumption of coffee ,cola ,hot and sour spicy food.
Rhagadia :good hair at clean worker family women rhagadia is winter is a common skin disease ,the disease occurs in contact fat-soluble or alkaline material to the staff ,such as car repairer ,cleaners ,cooks and housewife and so on.
Patients with hand and foot skin often because of the lack of moist and dry ,chapped to severe deep muscular layer ,there is pain and even influence the limbs activity ,skin lesions from chapping and cracking to chapped ,is a two-tone gap, good hair at the fingers and the palm of the flexures ,heel ,the toe end of the foot side ,etc.
.Prevention preparation mainly in the winter does not produce cracked before put oil to moisturize the skin, once a chap can cut thin crack in the thick hard epidermal horn layer ,then soaked in hot water for 10 minutes ,dry before applying 15% ureagrease or 10% sulfur, salicylic acid ointment .
Field in winter operation should wear protective gloves .Frostbite :temperature cold will erupt chilblain occurred in children and women ,a cold winter temperatures that will erupt, to spring and summer are sensitive to rehabilitation ,a good site for acral end such as a finger, hand ,face in winter Department ,auricular ,toe ,heel ,the affected area visible local congestion of purplish red eminence edematous erythema ,swelling of tight shiny ,local skin temperature drop ,environmental temperature heat ,locally presenting significant pruritus or blazing feeling ,,and chilblain once broken ,fester is painful .
Prevention of chilblain the principle has the following :strengthening the body forging ,promote blood circulation ,often rub on brothers ,to avoid congestion .Send see brothers dry and heat preservation ,can wear loose and gloves and shoes and socks.
Cold site should not be immediately near fire barbecue or soaked in hot water . Other, winter is a good season for psoriasis ,ichthyosis ,some skin infection, such as scabies ,pediculosis in personal and environmental hygiene bad circumstances ,winter is also often a good opportunity.
Winter five step skin care method to keep skin refreshing cleansing :good clean skin is the skin care of the first pace ,the key is the maintenance of skin ,promoting skin cleanser the new supersedes the old.
,increase the skin receiving function ,prevention of skin diseases ,delay skin aging and wrinkles . Clean the skin pure wash, effective cleansing cream ,cleansing cream cleaning with water wash is fundamental ,everyday 2~3 second .
In the winter ,use the Cleansing Cream Wash ,neutral skin 1 times a day,or the next 1,dry skin should be 2~3 days 1times,oily skin should be 1 times a dayat the mercy of in short to maintains the skin as well.
Wash with water is preferably boiling water cooling to 36 degrees left glaze smallpox oily skin can temperature of slightly higher ,about 38 ;dry skin may be slightly lower, to 34 degree.
Rinse with warm water ,then cold water flushing ,to narrow pores .But sensitive skin or dry skin should not be used to washing your face with cold water .Wash pure available when finger from inside to outside inexhaustible massage ,most with tender towel dry .
Cleansing cream should nature is gentle ,volume should not be too much, to thinly coated to whole face massage can ,when 5 minutes or so. Moisturizing skin care products use :appropriate increase amount of dry winter weather ,temperature drop ,the new supersedes the old.
The skin to the change of the weather has not completely adapt to the sweat glands ,skin cut ,appears to be very dry .Shanghai Skin and Venereal Disease Hospital research staff in Shanghai ,Harbin and Guangzhou three big city ,the Chinese women were large samples of epidemiology research ,achievements remind ,Shanghai women winter skin capacitance is significantly lower than its His two new year in Shanghai City ,that female winter skin water content ,dry desquamation .
At this time will be appropriately increased skin care products use amount ,so that the skin to obtain sufficient nourishment and protection . Skin care products should choose the moisturizing function of new year ,moisturizing effect strong cream-type cosmetics.
Not only is the face skin need maintenance ,limbs and torso skin needs moisture and nutrition. Use lotion ,moisturizing milk ,take a shower every day after the thin layer coated on the skin ,can keep the skin soft and smooth, full of elasticity ,anti-aging ,but also prevention and auxiliary treatment of some skin diseases, such as atopic dermatitis ,winter pruritus ,ichthyosis .
Sun :selection index is not too high sunscreen in the winter ,the UV rays of the sun is not so strong this summer in the medium wave and long wave ultraviolet ( UVB and UVA ) decreased ,but the ultraviolet or cause skin aging ,black most common reason .
Therefore the winter should also properly send see Sunscreen SPF ,choose SPF and PA values are not too high ,such as :SPF8 ,PA+ sunscreen. Particularly it is winter ,when it snows ,the intensity of ultraviolet ray may also be high in summer ,choose sunscreen of SPF and PA value to new year Night ,SPF15 ,Haitian PA++ above.
Crease :attention to work and rest with balanced nutrition dry winter weather ,if do not send can moisturize the skin ,causing skin within a large amount moisture loss ,easy form temporary wrinkles ,namely small wrinkles increase .
Once appear small wrinkles ,needless to worry ,as long as you keep optimistic look ,send look then alternates work with rest ,Men and women do not a friend, be a special friend...,reasonable nutrition intake ,daily diet to eat more lean meat ,milk ,eggs ,fresh fruits and vegetables ,proper skin care products ,facial massage confrontation ,promote the facial blood circulation ,improve skin nutrition ,can reduce small wrinkles .
Diet :eat more alkaline food eat less acidic food dry winter weather ,at ordinary times should be more water, make up the body and skin moisture loss ,other reasonable cooking layout can be modified to burn rose high ,anti-aging .
Because of body fluid is weakly alkaline ,so much intake of alkaline foods such as vegetables ,fruit ,bean into category ,milk etc. ,can make the skin exquisite luster. To send saw cuts are acidic food intake ,such as meat ,fish ,or chocolate ,and so on.
Drink plenty of water ,send to the skin more moisture mask ,eat more fruits and vegetables !Beauty :to beauty salons ,with the aid of medicine ,may be attenuated Pigment cure :adjuvant oral vitamin C, 1 0.
2~0.4g,1day 3;or vitamin E ,1 50mg,1day 3 times,last for several months .Optional six taste glutinous rehmannia ball ,its Ziyin Bushen ,honeyed pill 1 times1 pill,tablet 1 times8 tablets,capsules 1 times8 tablets,1day 2 times,have certain curative effect .
In recent years the use of carbon dioxide laser or cryotherapy treatment spots ,but also has a good effect, but only relatively superficial spots .Ordinary life :should be sent to see light, avoid direct sunlight face ,when going out wearing a visor or parasol ,also can be in that position with sunscreen .
With half a tomato ground to a paste, add two drops of glycerin ,put into the refrigerator ,attaining a day ,a confrontation between the time spot nature retreat ~ !!I tried, the result is good ~ !!eat more fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C regular salon Quban nursing ,life should be the law early to bed and early to rise in many spots skin dry ,use emulsion or apricot kernel density and other cosmetics ,moisturize the skin ,summer light sun .
Cheap mask ;white tuckahoe grinding ;surface covered with honey and every night .Black ugly grinding ;with egg and night apply face ,wash ,was first to put the hydroquinone 3% cream or hydrogen peroxide ,can temporarily effective ,Also day by day time apply 3% lactic acidto crumb withdrawing .
But also by specialized physicians in 60% the left and right sidesof three acetic acid with chemical peeling ,sale spot cream is also available .In addition to the above some topical medications ,can also use short time of spray freezing with liquid nitrogen, traditional Chinese Medicine preparation for external use treatment but the healing results often is not the same .
Can also use the following preparation suitable try :1every day to eata piece of vitamin C and vitamin E ,can achieve speckle effect with 2 cleaneggplant skin face ,after a while ,small spots is not so obvious .
3every day to drinka cup of tomato juice or often use tomatoes ,to avoid freckle has better role. Because tomatoes contain rich mushroom glutathione ,glutathione can inhibit melanin ,so that pigmentation drops or disappear .
4when washing a face,add 1-2 tablespoons ofvinegar in the water ,reduce pigmentation effect .5distinctradish monarch broken squeeze juice ,take 10-30 ml,every night after washing the face painting ,to be dry ,wash .
Other, daily drink a cup of Hu Luo Bu ,can whiten the skin .6lemon juicemix juice, add syrup suitable for drinking .Lemon contains large amount of vitamin C ,calcium ,phosphorus ,iron and other often drink lemon .
Juice not only can whiten the skin ,still can make melanin precipitation ,achieve speckle effect of papaya and milk ,using the mixer broke ,deposited in the face ,twenty minutes or so washed .
Face off in a week ,there will be good results !But I still want to make up for some of the natural food easy to spot :in addition to everyone hope itself is red and smooth face ,because it not only gives a sense of beauty ,and also to make itself energy excited ,Holiday,beneficial to the physical and mental health .
However, some people face has a lot of brown spots ,and this kind of phenomenon more female than male .So what nostrum to except ?In natural food with the maintenance of the skin ,and eliminate speckle functional food has many kinds.
Now introduces several clinical validation is effective therapeutic method . Tomato juice :daily drink 1 cupof tomato juice or often eat tomatoes ,to prevent spots have better effect .
Because tomatoes contain rich vitamin C ,known as &quot ;vitamin C &quot warehouse ;.Vitamin C inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in the skin ,reduce melanin formation ,so as to make the skin white and tender ,dark spots decreases.
Cucumber gruel :Qu Danian night 100 grams of rice,fresh cucumber 300 grams,2 grams of salt,10 grams of ginger. cucumber will wash ,to the skin to heart slice .New Year metres elutriation clean ,ginger is abluent pat broken .
The pot add about 1000 ml ,set the fire, under the new year meters ,ginger ,the fire boil ,slow fire boil rotten rice to gradually nowadays in cucumber slices ,and then simmer until the soup thick, into the refined salt seasoning can .
Two times a day clothes ,can moisten the skin ,freckle ,lose weight. The modern scientific research proof ,cucumber is rich in potassium and a certain quantity of carotene ,vitamin C ,vitamin B1 ,vitamin B2 ,carbohydrate ,protein ,phosphorus ,iron and mustard and other nutrients .
Often edible cucumber porridge ,can eliminate the spots ,whitening skin. Lemon juice : the lemon juice stirred ,add rock sugar to appropriate drinking lemon is rich in vitamin C ,lemon juice 100gramsof vitamin C can be as high as 50 mg .
It also contains calcium ,phosphorus ,iron and B vitamins and so on. Often drink lemon juice ,not only can white tender skin ,prevent skin vascular aging ,eliminate facial pigment spot ,and also has arteriosclerosis of prevention and cure effect .
Black fungus red dates soup: from black fungus 30 grams,red dates 20.Cleans the Auricularia auricula ,red dates to the nuclear ,adding water ,cook for half an hours daily ,dinner early .
After each time. The regular use ,can beauty freckle ,health-keeping and muscle ,and is used in the treatment of facial spots ,thin .The recipes in the black fungus ,compendium of Materia Medica record to face black .
Black fungus skin ,prevent skin aging ;eve of jujube and in Qi ,strengthening spleen Lotion black fungus ,helps get rid of the black spots. Carrot juice :carrot juice will be new ground ,take 10-30 ml,daily morning and evening after washing the face ,with fresh juice pat face ,to be dried and coated with vegetable oil .
The other hand pat face ,daily drink 1 cups of carrot juicehave spot due to sense .Carrot contains rich vitamin A .Vitamin A can be converted in the body to vitamin A. vitamin A has a smooth ,healthy skin effect, can prevent and cure the rough skin and spots.
In addition, with winter melon vine boil water used to clean the face ,take a shower ,can make the skin moist ,eliminating these spots. Marigold leaf juice have skin care and spot removing function.
The golden lamp flower leaves Daolan ,take juice rubbing the face, which can eliminate the spots ,and clean and white skin. Dandelion flower can also be used to remove stains ,take a dandelion ,pour into a cup of boiling water ,cooling and filtering ,then to dandelion flower sooner or later face, can make the face clean ,Less with dermatitis .
I told you to spot some whitening mask ,you try !1vinegar and saltwater ablation ,proportion is a new year almost water :vinegar :salt =9:3:1 ,with a good tune assimilation liquid towel wetting ,wipe his face, early evening each time ,( supposed to wipe one or two times no subject ) ,the result is good, and take effect quickly ,the skin will become white ,acne can not see .
2with strawberryblasted into juice ,put the egg white .Every 2~3 days put another 3water andhoney after add pearl powder ,such as several times in the future, face is white and tender! 4the cheapest and mostconvenient the most simple but very very effective whitening preparation ( experience ) the nasal spray banana paste of ground ( must be bananas ,can plantains instead) ,and then poured into the whole milk ,adding a small amount of water.
These things in proportion on the eve of the new year may 2:5:1thenwiping his face ,then gently pat face ,finally what do .20 minutes after the wash the fall ... You find very ????!!!Is it right? Is a white circle ?Whitening secret beautiful new year brings together 1 ,milk whitening :prepare a small cup of milk ,(summer days ,also can put milk into the refrigerator ,apply cool ,would be more happy ) .
Steam steaming the face ,will be smoke filled the cotton milk ,apply to the face fifteen minutes left glaze winter remove with clean water ,face wash milk .Consistently ,can make skin white uniform .
2,Adidas Jeremy Scott,preparing Mi Hiroji refers to the long with a spot of aloe leaf to thorn washing clean ,then is a piece of three cm long cucumber ,egg ,?2m3Ke Zhenpearl powder ,proper flour (for transfer thin thick ) .
The aloe ,cucumber into a juice machine juice poured into the bowl ,and then put into the egg white ,pearl powder ,flour and water paste ,with no down base bleed prevail. Wash my face clean ,will adjust the good paste spread on the face ,dry cleaning ,water film on the skin ,skin care products can, 1m2 times per week.
3,tomato honey whitening this formula can also make whitening face and hands whitening .Especially acne skin ,effectively to avoid infection ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,greasy ,make skin clean and detailed .Formula :tomato half ,honey appropriate .
Usage: tomatoes can be stirred into tomato juice after adding proper honey stir to paste evenly on the face or hands ,Acne body of knowledge,until about 15 minutes to washto suggest that every week 1-2 times4,green pepper ,new year ,1/4 bittercucumber ,celery ,green apple into beauty vegetable juice to drink ,as promised Vegetable juice is there enough vitamin C ,whitening is very effective .
5,take the novelty egg one ,wash Kaigan ,add 500 ml ofexcellent vinegar to soak for a month. When the eggshell ablation in vinegar ,and a small spoon solution mixing into a cup of boiling water ,stirring after taking ,every day a cup of persistent use vinegar egg-juice ,can make the skin smooth and delicate ,clean the face all the spots .
6 honeyprotein film ;novelty egg one ,honey and a little spoon ,the two mix evenly, before going to sleep with a soft brush to clean the paint on the surface of membrane ,which can be pushed to take ,to stimulate the skin cells ,promote blood circulation for some time after drying ,wash with water purification ,two times per week as well.
This kind of mask can also water diluted after rub ,winter can prevent chapped. 7,whitening Chinese medicine :Material :Angelica ,licorice ,nucleolus ,when back ,mung bean powder ,sandalwood and other sub Yanmo .
Usage: ( 1)wash: add appropriate water ,can face .(2) :honey ,milk and 1/4protein,appropriate tune apply on entire face ( course of eye and mouth is not enough) ,to be dry after washing can be .
1~2 times a week( not too much second ,the skin will not stand ) ,can be used for classes ,Fanghua pox ,black spots, can shrink Small nose adjacent capillary ,used by people all think the good, the skin becomes white, and cheap.
8,material :Angelica 6 grams;1 egg;honey 1 bigspoon ;cucumber sauce 1 tspolive oil ;3 tsp.Practice: (1 )the first angelica powder ,installed in the bowl ,stir evenly. Add egg yolk ( 2)adding honey and cucumber juice ,then applied to the face ,about twenty minutes ,then wash with clean water and clean.
( 3)after wash face with cotton pads ,dipped in olive oil, spreads in the face ,about 5 minutes ( 4).And then covered with hot towels in the face, then drag cotton does not need to take the fall .
( 5),a cooling towel ,the towel and cotton pads removed, washed clean face will be. 9,egg white mask: the egg into the bowl ( to egg yolk ) and stir to make white foam, add new 6-8 lemondrops ,mix directly applied to the face ,the skin with convergence ,anti-inflammatory anti-wrinkle effect .
10,milk mask :use fresh milk a spoon ,add 4-5 drops of olive oil,flour ,then apply to face .This mask ,with the convergence effect, long term use can eliminate the facial skin wrinkles ,increase skin vitality and elasticity ,make skin refreshing lubrication ,suitable for middle aged and old women or facial wrinkles more maternal 11,nasal spray .
Banana mask: the banana skin pounded into a paste and apply to the face for 15-20 minutes ,wash away ,persists in the facial skin can be delicate ,refreshing ,especially suitable for dry or sensitive skin facial beauty ,the result outstanding.
This system can make the skin fresh and smooth ,and can remove facial acne and freckles .The preparation of appropriate any kind of skin ,a Monday times ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,may soften the horny skin whitening mask :12,Tremella Tremella ,angelica root ,tuckahoe ,polygonatum 50 grams each,a total of pulverizing sieve ,nightly powder 5 grams,with 3 grams of flourand mix thoroughly coated surface water ,the morning wash to tremella ,Radix Angelicae dahuricae .
Polygonatum odoratum ,can nourish skin ,tuckahoe can be cured surface patches ,and guide the drug directly into the skin ,but face got dermatitis person should be used with caution .13,Apple Mask: the apple to peel and cut or disturb soil, and then applied to the face ,such as the Department of allergic skin do ,can be added with proper when fresh milk or vegetable oil ,oily skin should add some egg white .
15-20 minutes after the wash with hot towels and clean can .Next time ,a course of 20 days ,can make the skin smooth ,moist ,greasy effect, also can eliminate acne ,skin spots ,spots and other symptoms.
14,olive oil facial mask :olive oil heated to 37 ℃leftglaze winter added Appropriate honey ,then put the gauze dipped in oil extraction coverage in the face, 20 minutes later,to avoid skin aging ,skin freckle wrinkle effect, applied to the skin is particularly dry .
15,lemon mask :a fresh lemon juice plus one times of water ,then adding the three big spoonful of flour into a face cream subsequently deposited on the face, 15-20pendulumcloth is removed, or a fresh lemon slice directly affixed to the face for 15-20 minutes .
Remove ,wash the face .Once a day ,seven days for a course of treatment .This mask has the convergence effect, can make the skin fresh ,lubrication ,delicate, persistent confrontation can delay skin aging .
16,cucumber mask: take fresh cucumber juice with milk ,honey ,a few drops of essential balm mix thoroughly coated ,20-30minutes after the wash,or slices of cucumber wash directly attached to the face ,moisturizing ,whitening ,with wrinkles effect .
17,Angelica dahurica mask: take 10 grams,10 grams ofwhite monkshood ,altogether grind ,adding water and honey appropriate award surface covered ,20 minutes after the wash,a wrinkle ,Xiaoban ,whitening effect, applied to facial pigmentation or tawny increased plaque patients .
18,honey tomato mask : first tomato squash juice ,honey and add the appropriate a small amount of flour Tune into a paste ,applied to the face to keep 20-30 minutes,with skin moisture ,tender ,tender effect, long-term use also has the freckle wrinkles and heal the skin of acne and other functions.
19,sour milk ,honey ,lemon juice, 100mg,and 5 tablets ofvitamin E and mix thoroughly ,apply to face and save 15 minutes,and then wash with water purification . This method can promote the skin cell shedding ,new cell regeneration ,so as to achieve healthy skin goals.
20,100 ml of milk,strawberry 50 grams,pound mud, tune into a paste ,smear the face, save 20 minutes after thewash .This method can avoid dry skin ,aging ,make skin smooth ,moist ,smooth .
21,fresh milk 50 ml,add 4~5 drops of olive oiland proper flour apply face ,20 minutes after the wash. This method use for a long time, can increase the vitality of the skin elasticity ,make skin refreshing lubrication ,delicate white.
22,sour milk ,cream of the equal parts ,assimilation .Apply face ,save 20 minutes after thewash with water purification .This method is convergent effect, long confrontation can eliminate facial skin wrinkle ,suitable for middle aged and old women or facial wrinkles more maternal 23,milk ,and egg white ,lemon juice ,and put a little honey ,Pearl powder ,Add some VE stirring henceforth ,put the mask paper soaked ,bubble a few hours later deposited in the face ,a spouse ah ,my sensitive skin ,and very dry ,honey and milk are moist ,milk white ,lemon is VC ,and VE.
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